Saturday, 20 May 2017

Buddhist Temple Visit

Last Tuesday the Junior School visited the Buddhist Temple. We made lotus flowers and learned about the 3G's and 4G's. We were each given a gift - a bell, which was a special end to a wonderful day.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Anzac Baking

This week Room 24 have been learning about Anzac Day. We talked about when it is, what the letters stand for and what we would expect to hear, see and do at an Anzac Service. We made poppies and Mr Armstrong very kindly made delicious Anzac biscuits with us today. Mrs Dijkstra hopes that these activities will help us to reflect and remember.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Enviro Week Part 2

                                                             Caleb, Ayyan, Drake
                                                                Aayush, James, Max
We used paint splatter to cover our letter.
As part of Enviro week we each made a Pom Pom with the help of Mrs McGowan. This will eventually decorate a tree on Tree Island, as we are YARN BOMBING.

Each class was given a letter to paint, we covered ours with Paint Splatter. We thought it looked cool!
It will eventually go on a fence and spell out a school wide message. Watch this space over the next few weeks!

Enviro Week Complete

                                                         Benjamin, Jessica, Charlotte

                                                    Jessica, Jade, Alexandra, Aayan

As part of Enviro Week their was a focus on Walking to School. Mrs Dijkstra took photos of some of the events. These children went walking with Funky Feet and came dressed as a Super Hero for Super Walker Day. Children put a leaf on a tree each day they walked to school and went into the draw to receive a prize. Many children in Room 24 participated and enjoyed it!!! What a wonderful Enviro friendly thing to do!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Tinker time begins


This afternoon we started Tinker time in Room 24. We had to read a diagram and make the model using the Brain Box Electronic Sets. We all enjoyed the cool air made by the rotating fan. We were all great at figuring it out by giving it a go and persevering.

Fortune Tellers with our Buddy Class

Today with our buddy class we made Fortune Tellers. We folded a square piece of paper and our buddies wrote in "Build Ups" such as Crazy Cool, You Rock!

Feelings Fans

Emily on her 6th Birthday
This week Room 24 have been looking at a range of feelings: happy, sad, cross, worried, tired, surprised and confused.  We choose a colour that we thought matched the feeling. Mrs McGowan put them together as a fan for us.