Thursday, 19 October 2017


Diwali began with Mrs Dijkstra reading us a story and then Mrs Nagpal called us up to add coloured rice to the Rangoli design sketched on the table. When finished it looked amazing with the Diva light resting in the middle.
Meanwhile Miss Uden worked with groups of children using DAS modelling clay to make a Diva lamp. They are drying and we will paint them tomorrow.
We also coloured Rangoli patterns and mounted them on contrasting coloured card.
It was a special and different day and we really appreciated Mrs Nagpal visiting our room to help us experience Diwali.

Kelly Sport

 On such a gorgeous day we went out onto the field with Room 22 to trial a range of activities supplied and supervised by Kelly Sport. It was so much fun. We tried to throw a ball at the wickets, kick a soccer ball, jump over hurdles and more. We each got a sticker and a pamphlet.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Literacy Week - Part 3

Thanks to the Grandparents of Isaac, Amelia, Alexandra and parents of Aayush and Charlotte, that came to the classroom and read to the children. It was a special time.

                                                                  Jade and Sonia

                                      The Book Character Parade held in the hall this morning.
                                                     Charlotte and Aayush
                                                              Jess and Alexandra

Literacy Week - part 2

                           Stu Duval teaches us how to draw cartoons.  Aston is an amazing artist!

Mrs Dijkstra read "My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes" we were then given our own box and decided what type of box it was and the contents of the box , which we drew. We then attached our cat.
They looked gorgeous!

Literacy Week - part 1

                                                                  Puss in Boots Show
                                                       DEAR  Drop everything and Read
                                                     DEAR  Drop everything and Read               
                                                      DEAR  Drop everything and Read             
                                                             Drawing our own Troll
                                                   A scene from The 3 Billy Goats Gruff
                                                       Drawing our own Troll

Friday, 11 August 2017

Kids Can Wacky Mufti Day in Room 24

                                                                     Emily and Jessica

Tinker Time Cubetto

Here is James, Max and Mr Armstrong at the beginning of the week trialing our new Tinker Time activity: Cubetto - a little wooden robot who loves to explore and play. This time round the boys experimented and then began programming - giving the robot instructions to follow using the World Map or Space Map, the Interface Board ( control panel), the 16 blocks (commands). Cubetto had fun adventures!